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Great Web Design

All current and future websites designed by Web Integrations are XHTML and CSS2 compliant.
This means that we:
  • Write faster loading, dramatically smaller pages 
  • Speed up site maintenance by separating the content from the layout 
  • Write Device-independent pages that will work on everything from a PC to an Internet-enabled refrigerator 
  • Write search-engine friendly pages that can actually be understood by search-engine spiders 
  • Write more accessible code, which is now a legal requirement in some countries 
  • We also seek to design to Web Standards and pursue best practices (valid code, accessible code, semantically correct code, user-friendly URLs etc). 

In other words, we aim to make all our websites lean, clean, CSS-based, accessible, usable and search engine friendly. 

We like fast, and we like clean. We also like future-proof design that will work well. However, if you also have ideas of your own on website design, then we are delighted to build your website to your specifications, while advising you of any potential problems with the design you choose. 

Search Engine Friendly 
We like those things, because that's what search engines like. If search engines like the style of your website, they'll list you higher, and index your site more frequently.

Quick Loading
Some web companies will sell you Flash-enabled sites, with entry pages that take ten minutes to load, without telling you how much business it will cost you. 
We'll build you a Flashy site that takes a long time to load, if that's what you want. But we'll tell you what it means first, and how much business it could cost you.

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