Milis Yahoogroups yang mendadak hilang/dihapus
Posted: 01 October 2009 09:37 :
dear 'yang punya (memiliki) beberapa milis di yahoogroups'.

maybe ada yg mengalami kejadian yg sama dgn-ku : "tiba-tiba milis yg dimiliki hilang / dianggap 'no longer exists' ".

Setelah i searching di internet, ternyata emang banyak yg alami hal ini.

Baca artikel nya di sini:

Baca diskusi / solusinya di sini:

'Milisku yg hilang' juga masih ku-claim ke yahoo, moga2 bisa kudapatkan kembali.. hiks :(

best rgds,


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Group Missing

I just logged in & my whole Group of which I am the owner is missing. Is there any way to find out if Yahoo Deleted it or what. It is a Yahoo Group that I have had for over 3 years for a local Swingers Group & lately they have been getting some National & International press. Have had lots of NEW Members because of this & I dont want to lose it all.


Missing Groups Restored
September 8, 2009 at 12:12 am · Filed under bugs

In an effort to tackle spammers, we’ve deleted millions of spam groups in the last few weeks. Unfortunately, because of a bug, on Monday morning thousands of recently created legitimate groups were deleted along with the spam groups.

All of these groups have been restored and should now be accessible. Thank you for your patience while we sorted out the issue and restored your groups.

If you are able to access your group (by using the URL) but do not see it on your “My Groups” page, try running the membership wizard (instructions can be found here) to add it to your “My Groups” page.

However, if you are still having problems finding your groups or are experiencing any other issues, please contact Customer Care for help:

Melissa Daniels
Yahoo! Community Manager



In order to look into this I'll need to know the name of the group. You can post it here or send it to:

Groups Community Manager


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